Posted by: koolwine | March 16, 2019

United Kingdom: The Panopticon

Country Focus: United Kingdom

The Panopticon
By Jenni Fagan
Originally published in Great Britain by William Heinnemann, 2012.
My edition: Hogarth, 2014.
282 pgs

Genre: Fiction

World Lit Up Rating:

(On a scale of 1-5, with 1 book = turned off and 5 books = lit up)

Jenni Fagan


The polis dinnae get it—we compare notes just as much as they do. We know if there’s a psycho in the unit, or a right bastard pig who’ll always batter you at the station. We know if somebody’s been stabbed, or hanged themselves, or who’s on the game, or which pedos in town will lock you in their flat and have you gangbanged until you turn fucking tricks. We send e-mails, start legends—create myths. It’s the same in the nick or the nuthouse: notoriety is respect. Like, if you were in a unit with a total psycho and they said you were sound? Then you’ll be a wee bit safer in the next place. If it’s a total nut that’s vouched for you, the less hassle you’ll get. I dinnae need tae worry about any of that. I am the total nut.

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