Posted by: koolwine | February 17, 2019

East Timor: From the Place of the Dead

Country Focus: East Timor

From the Place of the Dead: The Epic Struggles of Bishop Belo of East Timor
By Arnold S. Kohen
Published by St. Martin’s Press, 1999.
331 pgs.

Genre: Biography/History

World Lit Up Rating:
(On a scale of 1-5, with 1 book = turned off and 5 books = lit up)

Bishop Belo


After his homily, he led the Prayer of the Faithful, when suddenly a priest came to his side and put a piece of paper on the altar telling him that he had received the Nobel Peace Prize together with Ramos-Horta. He immediately put the piece of paper into his side pocket and continued with the Mass. Carlos Felipe Ximenes Belo was impassive: he did not even smile: “The responsibilities are all the heavier now,” he said later, recalling his thoughts at the time, “to become more of a man of peace—in my actions, my thoughts, and my words, to be more patient, not to be angry, not to shout at others.”

During Communion, the vicar general asked Belo if he wanted to have the message announced. The bishop declined. Some wanted to have an impromptu jamboree, others wanted to pay homage, but Belo simply wanted to be left alone, to avoid the slightest move that might create havoc.

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